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Service Pricing

All the THRIVE service prices are listed here; if you are unsure which service you require, please contact Tor to discuss your specific needs. 

Initial Assessment - 60 Minutes


Can be booked for Prenatal Physiotherapy, Scar Therapy, Bowen Therapy

or Kinesio Taping.

60 minute assessment including full history.

Treatment will only consist of one modality in the first session to allow observation of response to therapy.

Follow up Session - 60 Minutes


Allow 60 minutes for follow up sessions.

Can include combination of treatment modalities as appropriate on a case-dependent basis. 

Mummy MOT® - 60 Minutes


Comprehensive 1 hour post-natal assessment. 

Suitable from 6 weeks post-vaginal delivery or 8 weeks post-caesarean section. 

Includes checks of posture, breathing, diastasis recti (tummy gap), pelvic floor and functional movement.

A written report of findings will be sent within 48 hours of your appointment. 

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment - 60-90 Minutes


Comprehensive assessment for children who have not recently been seen by another Physiotherapist. 

Includes full developmental history, assessment of function, treatment as appropriate and a full written report of findings. 

Price dependent on child's age and presenting condition - please contact Tor to discuss your child's needs in more detail. 

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Express Assessment - 75 Minutes


Assessment for children who have recently been seen by another Physiotherapist and do not require a written report. 

Also suitable for children requiring post-operative or post-injury rehabilitation.

Includes full history, assessment of function, treatment and recommendations as appropriate. 

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Follow Up- 45-60 Minutes


45-60 Minute follow up session for children. 

Includes appropriate progression of treatment plan and review of goals/progress. 

Baby Bowen 

Initial Assessment - 45 Minutes


Suitable for under 1's who do not require a full Physiotherapy assessment e.g. constipation, reflux, eczema, feeding issues. 

Includes full history and appropriate treatment. 

Baby Bowen

Follow Up- 30 Minutes


30 Minute follow up session for Under 1's. 

Other Charges

฿ various

Please contact Tor directly to discuss other additional charges such as

  • Home Visits

  • Travel costs

  • Additional written report costs

Get in touch with THRIVE

Please contact Tor if you have any questions or

wish to discuss your therapy options further.

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