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Prenatal Physiotherapy

What is Prenatal Physiotherapy? 

Pregnancy is an exciting, but sometimes anxious and challenging, time. With such rapid change in our bodies, it is no wonder that sometimes we require a little extra support. Prenatal Physiotherapy can help with a variety of issues that can crop up along the way, including; 

  • Management of pregnancy-related back, pelvic girdle and hip pain

  • Management of swelling and fluid retention

  • Teaching pelvic floor exercises

  • Management of pelvic floor symptoms including leaking, pain and constipation

  • Education on safe and effective exercise during pregnancy

  • Education on birth preparation and perineal massage

Every mum's pregnancy journey is different... so why would your treatment plan be any different?! Your follow-up plan may include exercise provision, manual therapy, taping, education and guidance and/or onward referral to other practitioners. 


What can Prenatal Physiotherapy help with?

Prenatal Physiotherapy can aid in managing many of the common symptoms experienced during pregnancy.

Common Symptoms Seen

  • Back and rib pain

  • Pelvic girdle pain

  • Wrist and thumb pain

  • Tension due to postural changes

  • Pelvic floor symptoms

  • Swelling and fluid retention

It can also help with 
  • Preparing for birth and the postpartum

  • Education on safe, effective exercise

  • Education on perineal massage 

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