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Mummy MOT®

What is a Mummy MOT®? 

A Mummy MOT® is a comprehensive post-natal assessment which evaluates the health and wellbeing of new mothers. 

Prior to your assessment you will be asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire which includes questions around your birth history, current stage of recovery and any issues or concerns you may be facing. 


The 1 hour assessment includes:

  • Postural and breathing assessment

  • Functional movement testing

  • Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) assessment

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment (vaginal examination will be offered)

  • Screening for bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. 

You will be provided with a written report of findings within 48 hours of your assessment. This can be beneficial not only for your own understanding, but also to share with health professionals or fitness instructors you may be working with as part of your post-natal journey. 

Every mum's pregnancy and post-natal journey is different... so why would your treatment plan be any different?! Your follow-up plan may include exercise provision, manual therapy, scar therapy and onward referral to other practitioners. 

Practicing Yoga with Babies

What can a Mummy MOT address?

A Mummy MOT is primarily a holistic, full body screening assessment that can identify issues and goals which can be worked on in follow up sessions

Common Symptoms Seen

  • Pelvic floor muscle issues; pain, altered sensation, reduced control, tension. 

  • Bladder and bowel issues; leaking, constipation, pain

  • Musculoskeletal issues; pain, tightness, reduced strength or power

  • Scar-related issues; pain, numbness, itching, tightness

  • Sexual dysfunction; pain, fear/avoidance, altered sensation

  • Altered breathing patterns

  • Postural changes and associated symptoms

It can also help with 
  • Breastfeeding issues; blocked ducts and mastitis

  • Thumb and wrist pain common in new mums

  • Safe return to exercise

  • Preparing for another pregnancy

Get in touch with THRIVE

Please contact Tor if you have any questions or

wish to discuss your therapy options further.

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